Get Involved

What about Classism? was set-up by a very small team of volunteers in 2016. Obviously there is, however, only so much a small team of volunteers can do. Currently, therefore, we are an idea presented within a website. To become a fully functioning organisation requires additional committed members. To become a pressure group with real political clout requires many more members.  

So you can see that we are at the start of a journey. If you have read the About page and would like to join us on this journey then here are some initial things you can do.  

Register your interest: So that we can see how much interest there is in this project it is crucial that you register your interest. The information provided when registering will remain strictly confidential and only be used for communicating relevant up dates as progress is made to ensure that supporters are kept up to speed and in the loop.  

Produce content for this site: In order to generate continued interest and a vibrant online presence we need regular content for the Top page of our site. This could include writing blogs and articles or producing art work, podcasts and videos. Style of content could vary from personal accounts and experiences of classism to more objective analysis.  Some material could be serious or straightlaced whilst other material could be lighthearted and funny.  

Improve this site: The current site is quite basic - both in terms of style and functionality - leaving plenty of scope for improvement. If you have the relevant skills and would like to help develop the site then please contact us. 

Organise within your community: Supporters of this project may also want to tell people within their networks - at home, at school, at work, at university etc. - about this new initiative. Some may also want to help spread the word via their existing online communities - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, supporters may want to meet up with other interested people to discuss the content on this site.  

Once we reach a sufficient level of support we will call a meeting to move things forwards. This will include things like writing a constitution, electing a committee and setting up a bank account. We would also need to rewrite the content of this page, highlighting more specific and extended ways for members to help - including making financial contributions that could be used to help sustain and further develop the stated objectives of the organisation. 

If you have any other suggestions for how you, or maybe others, might want to get involved then please contact us.