What about Classism? is a pressure group that has been set-up to advocate for the recognition of classism as a specific form of social discrimination that has its roots in rigged economics. Our mission has two main components:

  • To create an open and safe space for people from all backgrounds - regardless of sex, race, age, ability or class - to explore classism as a form of social discrimination and to find creative solutions to overcome this obstacle to economic justice and social progress.

  • To work towards putting classism on a par with other forms of social discrimination - such as racism and sexism - both in terms of (1) the level of awareness within the general public and (2) recognition within the eyes of the law. 

The various aspects of these two components are to lead to appropriate institutional reforms in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, classism. Please see our Get Involved and Campaigns pages for suggestions on how this could be achieved.