What About Classism? The Basic Plan...

Below is a presentation of the basic plan, in three stages, for our new pressure group called What About Classism? The idea in presenting this here is to give people a general feel for the overall direction we hope to move in and how we intend to get there.


Stage One:

In 2015 we focused on the conceptual development and presentation of the basic ideas for what became What About Classism? This involved many meetings followed by lots of thinking and consideration. As the ideas came together they were presented in the format of a simple website. One of the features of this site is a page where people, who like what they see and would like to get involved, can Register. This brings us nicely to stage two.


Stage Two:

2016 will focus on promotion and recruitment. As part of our promotion and recruitment strategy we will utilise other online communities such as ZNet (where blogs on What About Classism? will be posted in the coming months) and FaceBook (where we will be promoting our website via our What About Classism? FaceBook Page). Our hope for this year is to get 100 people registered and then to call a meeting where we can formalise our new pressure group. This will involve electing people to posts, writing a constitution and setting up a bank account. Changes to the website will also have to be made to accommodate these developments. Once all in place we will be able to move on to stage three of our plan.


Stage Three:

All being well, by 2017 we will be able to focus on actual campaigning! This may sound like a long way off but it is actually less than 12 months away and, as highlighted above, we have lots of important organising to do in between now and then. What specific campaigns we engage in will obviously be decided by the membership. In the meantime, however, there is a Campaigns page where suggestions for possible activities are presented to give people an idea of the kinds of organising and activism we might engage in.

That, in a nutshell, is it! We hope that this short presentation gives you a better idea of what we have in mind and will give you more confidence in registering with us to ensure that stage two is successfully completed within the next 12 months. However, if you have any further questions or need clarification on anything then please ask away, either below in the comments facility or via our Contact page. For those of you who have not yet visited our site here is our Mission statement, which has recently been slightly modify in response to feedback (main changes are highlighted in bold):

What About Classism? is a pressure group that has been set-up to advocate for the recognition of classism as a specific form of social discrimination that has its roots in rigged economics.  Our mission has two main components:

  • To create an open and safe space for people from all backgrounds - regardless of sex, race, age, ability or class - to explore classism as a form of social discrimination and to find creative solutions to overcome this obstacle to economic justice and social progress.  
  • To work towards putting classism on a par with other already recognised forms of social discrimination - such as racism and sexism - both in terms of (1) the level of awareness of the general public and (2) within the eyes of the law.

The various aspects of these two components are to lead to appropriate institutional reforms in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, classism. Please see our Get Involved and Campaigns pages for suggestions on how this could be achieved.

Finally we should all understand that unless those who register help with promotion and recruitment we are unlikely to reach our target for stage two of this plan. Here then are seven suggestions - numbered but in no particular order of preference - of activities that can be undertaken by anyone who would like to help with promotion and recruitment:

  1. Like our FaceBook Page.

  2. Share our FaceBook Page with your contacts.

  3. Add content to our FaceBook Page.

  4. Visit our website.

  5. Share our website with others.

  6. Register at our website.

  7. Produce content - blogs, videos, artwork, etc. - for our website.

Thank you!